If you are interested in continuing to follow me, head over to It is a WordPress hosted site so you can still use your WordPress login to follow!

Of course, you can use email too. I am concentrating on that site and already migrated all the blog from this one, except this particular post!

This address ( will soon direct there as a forwarding service so this will go back to the original WordPress url i got back when! And this is likely the last post here. Ill keep the account open for a few more weeks and the. Close it completely. If you are interested in the development of the film… head over there…

Thank you all for the support and hope to continue seen you! I will go and stalk you back from Daca Daguao Digital Design, LLC! 🙂

Logging off.


Time to say goodbye.

Hi, those of you who are following this blog, bad news first, good news later.

First, bad news. I am closing this account eventually in the next few weeks. I am transitioning to concentrating more on my financing efforts for the production of the film and this blog is getting neglected. Oooff! that was hard.

Now the good news, the blog is transferring with me to as part of a consolidation method. It is still a WordPress powered system (I did not have to do much to transition, that is cool) and you can follow me there (I don’t think it “transferred” you, sorry! If you like to keep track of the production you will have to go and follow me there.

It has been great and you guys rock! I really don’t want to loose you, but I will understand if this is too much of an inconvenience. That address above (daca) is where the main merchandise store resides so you will be greeted by the products instead of the blog itself, if you go directly to the site. If you follow one of the emails you get when I update the blog you should not have to deal with the merchandise (although I would not mind if… 🙂

Thanks for all the advice, and guidance from those that are more experienced than me. I am certainly appreciative of your effort!