The beginning of Financing efforts.

How can you help the production? – December 5, 2018

Recently, a campaign was started at Patreon to help with financing the production of the film. As you can imagine a 3d animated production requires both time, assets and the artists that are involved in producing them. I do not want to have non-paid interns, students or “friends” working on the film. My freelance career is not enough to back the production. That is where you can help!

Become a Patron!

With your patronage, not only will I eventually concentrate full time on the production, but I will be able to hire other artists. The company mission statement states:

Daca Daguao Digital Design is an Oregon limited-liability company formed for the development and production of socially-relevant themed films with a secondary objective of developing Hispanic-themed films as well as the employment of Hispanic and other minority actors in primary roles and with visual/audio artists that have been displaced by the industry.

Animation is a tough industry now days. Digital art has made it possible for unscrupulous companies to shortchange artists’ efforts and professional ethics in search for profit. Artists are discarded constantly from major studios because of silly reasons like marriage, family life or the want and dream of owning a home and setting down roots. Sounds silly, right? Well, it does not make it less real.

I want to change that or at least do my part to bring the arts back to the artists and both work for societies (not only English cultures but also Spanish and eventually other languages) justice and positive commentary.

How about it? Want to help? If so, just head to Patreon with the button above. At this time is just me, but hopefully with your help, I can say “we” are making a difference if just for a few people at a time, at this time.

Comencé con Audacity…

Pero pronto me di cuenta de que Finale me da más control sobre mis intenciones. Por supuesto, Finale no es open source y estoy haciendo mi película completamente con open source… así que estoy buscando programas de anotación musical que sean open source.

Encontré a Musescore, entre otros, pero aún no sé usarlo. Lo más probable es que use Finale por ahora y luego comience a aprender a usar a Musescore. Tengo poco tiempo disponible para mi proyecto y aprender un nuevo programa no es ideal. Pero sé ahora que existe así que aún estoy comprobando que una producción de cine puede hacerse en totalidad con programas de computación libres y abiertos.