Well, it has been a while…

I am updating my blog and thought that the first thing to do was restart my “Goodreads” connection. This one review is my last one from 2013… wow, time flies.


Stop Staring: Facial Modeling and Animation Done RightStop Staring: Facial Modeling and Animation Done Right by Jason Osipa

Excellent book on rigging. Applicable to all 3D software suites.

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Working on new concept for story. This will be the main alien that will hold the alliance and will be kind of an ambassador. I will have to model the hand/feet feature fully open and then pose it, but other than that, it will look very similar. I love when inspiration hits!

This both the beginning of the texturing, and is where I will stop ZBrush and move to Blender, to take over the production. So far, Blender has impressed me with handling “hi-res” from ZBrush. As soon as I understand the painting and materials in Blender, I will be able to compare it to ZBrush!  Oh, the hands are whiter in the images than the final render. Oh well, as I said… learning…