Finally, the company.

As a natural evolution of the MFA program, the achievement of finishing it, and two years after that program (not the learning though!), here is the Company.

About a month ago I finalized the registration of the animation studio that will be a direct result of the current production of the film. The film, that by coincidence, is changing name due to the fact that there is an already published film by the name Traces. I am still digesting that idea, since I made so much work based on the name Traces. Guess I should have registered the name in 2015 when I thought it first.

In any case, the animation studio is called Daca Daguao Digital Design, LLC. And for now, it has a facebook page that you can find at

I am also starting a Patreon page, not ready, that I will publish soon. I am planning on having rewards of digital files, printed images, 3d printed objects from the film and other ideas for the patrons. Also, I am still cooking some recipes for how to offer individualized prizes, like modeling and 3d printing a patron’s bust. I can probably only do a few of those a month, so maybe that will be the top tier of the patrons and just a limited amount? I don’t know yet.

Which brings me to the question, what would you guys like to received as a reward from me if you were one of my patrons?

In case you don’t know what is, click here. Your help will be invaluable not only to me, but to the artists I am planning on hiring from the beginning to produce our IP’s (Intelectual Property) for the animation studio.

I am very exited about this new chapter in my life. Soon (I guess now!) I will call myself an entrepreneur! A business owner!

And I hope I can use the studio and school to help as many other artists as possible.

La iPad esta funcionando…

Pero casi no tengo tiempo en el día. Llego a casa tan cansado del trabajo diario que mi proyecto se ve afectado negativamente. Me siento en la sala por unos minutos para descansar y me duermo. Sumamente molestoso.

Lo bueno es que si uso la transportación pública puedo usar la iPad Pro con el lápiz de Apple y hacer mis ilustraciones. Compre la iPad para tener una “Cintiq” portátil que no requiera Windows! No tengo ganas de lidiar con virus y demás… Por lo general y la mayor parte del tiempo funciona. Las ilustraciones están funcionando muy bien.

Pero el trabajo del proyecto, en su mayoría es en 3D, y no hay una buena aplicación de iPad para 3D. De todas maneras, no es suficiente tiempo para hacer el trabajo. Necesito conseguir un trabajo diurno que no requiera que traiga trabajo a la casa. Por lo tanto, de vuelta en la búsqueda de trabajo que no sea tan demandante… electronica, chofer o fabrica… Entro, poncho, trabajo, poncho otra vez y me voy. A ver si lo encuentro.