Another “curve-ball”

Turns out I will have to take a non-art job as a day job to pay for the “societal slavery” of bills. That means it will take more time to finish this project of mine. Good thing is that I can and should use public transportation where I could continue working with my new iPad Pro and pencil… and if still energetic when I get home, then spend time on Blender.

This situation, of course, makes me re-plan my societal life. I am selling all things shackle like, such as an inherited power boat, traditional art supplies I don’t use… a drafting table that is on my way, and light table that has not been used in years. 

All that so I can say bye bye to slavery and become a digital nomad in the future. I have a couple of friends doing it and they are producing more content than me! And are happier!!!! 

So, new goals.

I am making a change.

I decided to dedicate this site to the entire process of my recent studies for the Master of Fine Arts in Visual Studies at PNCA and the continuing production of the film Traces. So I removed all the illustrations that are not related and will be cleaning a bit the blog to remove any subject or content that is not related.

Now I will have an illustration portfolio with a dedicated address, and the same with a graphic design, digital arts and sculpture portfolios. I will continue to have my central site of and from there you can find all the multiple portfolios when they are all ready.

If you are following this blog for any of those other portfolios, then you will want to head to them, but if you were following the production of Traces, stick around, now I will get busy with it!

Appropriation… why?

This is a prime example of how stupidly annoying it is for “artists” to appropriate other (real) artists’ works… It should be punishable by law… an apology is a easy way out of “oops, we got caught”.

Stop this!

Mange to put a few details today. Still more to come.

I am concentrating on establishing forms and small details before I concentrate on particular areas. One thing is sure, I am very happy with the combination of Sketchbook, ArtRage and Photoshop to make this illustration.

I am also working on the logo for the film, and this is the first public iteration. Any opinions?

Visual Development of Alatia City for 3D Short Film

WIP of Underground city for 3D Short Film in progress.

Working on the design of the underground city for the story of my 3D Animated Short. For now, this illustration will be in Black, White and Grays to make details. Eventually will be in color and finally 3D modeled and animated.

Envi 09-1Progress01