Well, it has been a while…

I am updating my blog and thought that the first thing to do was restart my “Goodreads” connection. This one review is my last one from 2013… wow, time flies.


Stop Staring: Facial Modeling and Animation Done RightStop Staring: Facial Modeling and Animation Done Right by Jason Osipa

Excellent book on rigging. Applicable to all 3D software suites.

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The cat is out…

Very impressive news (at least to myself)! I have been hired to teach exactly what I learned during my MFA studies, that ended at PNCA with Blender (and Krita, Audacity, KDenlive, Celtx, etc. – open source) but started at AAU with Maya (and Mudbox, ZBrush, Logic Pro, Final Cut Pro, Final Draft, etc. – proprietary software).

I get to teach (open source and proprietary soft.) at Washington State University – how to model, rig and animated assets for games and film. I do not fit in my shoes right now. What an honor!

Of course, I am also trembling since it is a new chapter and my current (7 years) experience is at public schools. It will definitely be a very different experience now.

On the Traces Project front? Well, I got my hands on two 2009 Mac Pro’s with some killer hardware that I will set as render farms. I might use it for my students, but the intention is for my film. The best part, if Mac OS is not up to date, I can go all Linux and use the ATI and the NVIDIA hardwares (two of each on each machine) with the open source I learned about and will teach my students (can I say that already??)

More to come…

Good bye until August 8…

So, from now until August 8 I will be engaged with finishing my MFA show and graduation, which means no time for a bath… I mean… no messing around.

After August 8 you will have a flood of visuals to look at in this portfolio of mine.

See you soon!

Testing the power of the Blender nodes…

Here is first render test of the vest and pants of Isidro using nodes and UV’s. Very powerful combination for sure. It is at 100 samples only but looking good.

Oh, and the wall and floor (ground?) are also node, but not important, they are only temp for staging purpose to test the nodes.

I see light at the end of the tunnel!

Test render of Character Isidro.
Test render for Character Isidro using Blender’s NODE system on the pants, skin and vest. Floor and wall are temp and unimportant.

Updating the Roma Plastilina Jara.

I am working on resetting the old plastilina sculpt of Jara. She has changed a lot in the course of this MFA and so has Isidro, the next sculpt in process. This is the work of just one morning, taking off the old features and putting the new ones… not done yet, though.

I should have it finished tomorrow or Saturday.

Stay tuned.


This is what she used to look like.