MFA Thesis – Excerpt 18

Nor can any of these packages, costing thousands of dollars, handle as many steps in the production pipeline. Furthermore, none of them alone can produce an entire film. In addition, proprietary software suites are not available for open alterations to the code and are not fully adaptable to production needs despite the ability to add features with the proprietary languages some of them have, like MEL for Maya.

Buying proprietary software like Maya, 3dsMax, Cinema4D, Modo, ZBrush and others is, in the words of Bob Young, former CEO of open source software company RedHat, like buying a “car with the hood welded shut.” One cannot alter the source of the proprietary software as is possible with open source software. Because of this and the easy availability of the software itself, open source is having the unintended effect of democratizing industries where socioeconomics keep disadvantaged groups, i.e. poor families, from accessing better education, training or employment opportunities. In the VFX industry, for example, protectionism among the established studios influences employed artists to believe that open source software is unprofessional. That notion, in turn, denies artists not employed by established studios the chance of ever belonging to the artistic “elite” because they cannot afford the accepted industry standard software like Maya, Cinema4D and so on.


Finally, the company.

As a natural evolution of the MFA program, the achievement of finishing it, and two years after that program (not the learning though!), here is the Company.

About a month ago I finalized the registration of the animation studio that will be a direct result of the current production of the film. The film, that by coincidence, is changing name due to the fact that there is an already published film by the name Traces. I am still digesting that idea, since I made so much work based on the name Traces. Guess I should have registered the name in 2015 when I thought it first.

In any case, the animation studio is called Daca Daguao Digital Design, LLC. And for now, it has a facebook page that you can find at

I am also starting a Patreon page, not ready, that I will publish soon. I am planning on having rewards of digital files, printed images, 3d printed objects from the film and other ideas for the patrons. Also, I am still cooking some recipes for how to offer individualized prizes, like modeling and 3d printing a patron’s bust. I can probably only do a few of those a month, so maybe that will be the top tier of the patrons and just a limited amount? I don’t know yet.

Which brings me to the question, what would you guys like to received as a reward from me if you were one of my patrons?

In case you don’t know what is, click here. Your help will be invaluable not only to me, but to the artists I am planning on hiring from the beginning to produce our IP’s (Intelectual Property) for the animation studio.

I am very exited about this new chapter in my life. Soon (I guess now!) I will call myself an entrepreneur! A business owner!

And I hope I can use the studio and school to help as many other artists as possible.

Comencé con Audacity…

Pero pronto me di cuenta de que Finale me da más control sobre mis intenciones. Por supuesto, Finale no es open source y estoy haciendo mi película completamente con open source… así que estoy buscando programas de anotación musical que sean open source.

Encontré a Musescore, entre otros, pero aún no sé usarlo. Lo más probable es que use Finale por ahora y luego comience a aprender a usar a Musescore. Tengo poco tiempo disponible para mi proyecto y aprender un nuevo programa no es ideal. Pero sé ahora que existe así que aún estoy comprobando que una producción de cine puede hacerse en totalidad con programas de computación libres y abiertos.

Day job blues, in Spanish!

Regreso a mis raíces en español. Tuve que tomar un trabajo que no está relacionado con arte para poder pagar las múltiples deudas diarias que mantienen a los humanos como esclavos legales. Producir trabajo individualmente es tarea excesivamente difícil para los artistas que no son patrocinados por estudios de arte o patrones … ricos?

Por otro lado, la alternativa de trabajar con uno de esos estudios en la industria de animación no es viable por mi edad. ¿A que me refiero? ¿Cuanta gente has vistos en esas fotos de “equipos” de trabajo de esos estudios que estén en sus 45 a 60 años? Ah… no habías prestado atenon a eso, ¿ah?

Pues si, hace años que trabajar para esos estudios que mastican empleados nuevos (jóvenes) y los escupen cuando se ponen viejos (30 a 35 años) no es una opción. La industria digital de arte o de arte digital, está sobre-poblada con nuevos artistas que se dedican a lo “nuevo” y no saben que no podrán mantener esa situación por que lo “nuevo” dura poco y ya pronto serán “viejos” en una industria que cambia constantemente de mes a mes… y todos esos estudios quieren cambiar a la misma velocidad.

De todos modos, ser independiente es más atractivo a mi edad. Pero tengo que pagar esa estupida factura de… agua… luz… renta… recogido de basura (pagar por tirar basura!!!!!!)… gasolina… oh, y si queda algo, comprar comida y ver al doctor…

Alguien dijo que se abolió la esclavitud algún tiempo pasado, ¡hmmmmm cuentos! Lo que se abolió fue el castigo corporal, y aún eso está vivo en algunas partes…

Another “curve-ball”

Turns out I will have to take a non-art job as a day job to pay for the “societal slavery” of bills. That means it will take more time to finish this project of mine. Good thing is that I can and should use public transportation where I could continue working with my new iPad Pro and pencil… and if still energetic when I get home, then spend time on Blender.

This situation, of course, makes me re-plan my societal life. I am selling all things shackle like, such as an inherited power boat, traditional art supplies I don’t use… a drafting table that is on my way, and light table that has not been used in years. 

All that so I can say bye bye to slavery and become a digital nomad in the future. I have a couple of friends doing it and they are producing more content than me! And are happier!!!! 

So, new goals.