More Cobra fun.

I spent today about 1.5 hours on this update. I have the wings and engines, some of the stabilizers and a few of the brackets, oh, and the windshield started. I put a blue material just for ease of identification and will be working on the small details when I get all the major bodies blocked in.

What do you think?


More done on the Cobra Rattler.

Yes, I am cold! Need more warm up, after 2 hours working on it, pressed the wrong key and reopened the file without saving… ahhhhrrrrgggg! Oh, well. Lost the engine… I crashed.

I got this done the next hour. A bit more, for today. The engined looked more finished on the previous one, but I am tire. Maybe tomorrow or next day.




Ok… domain changed.

I decided to use this domain (.graphics) on this site because the film is made with graphics. All sorts of graphics: illustration, animation, renderings, paintings, etc. So, new domain, new subjects… oh, wait, wrong meaning.

Any way. Back to the modeling of the plane…

Having fun while warming the engines.

Here I am modeling a Cobra Rattle: Ground Attack Jet, one of my favorite childhood toys just to refresh my memory muscle after a long 10 months of no time to pay to my personal projects. I can say, the newest “stable” version of Blender, 2.78c is insanely stable. I and with the new mouse I am using for laptop work it is super fast. I made this little bit in 30 minutes just warming up. Love it!

I think I am going to finish this completely before tackling the film work. Hard surface is a good way to get the fingers to get back to work and the hand used to the 10 button monster mouse. Besides, my characters are in sculpt mode (adapting high details), so I will use the Cintiq for that.

What do you think of the progress?


Ok. I am dusting off…

… so I can get back to the film. The Higher Education adventures is coming to an end. I have enjoyed teaching. There are plenty of challenges, like students that don’t want to listen, think they know all… etc. But the majority are awesome and very willing to learn, and trying new stuff.

First off, need to upgrade my characters to have a better rig than what I did while in school for the MFA. There are some issues with the rig and I need that out of the way. So the technical stuff is what you will see for the next few weeks.

Stay tuned.

3D Printed Tree

I found this post from Sarah Cath’s Adventures very inspiring for 3D printing artists. You most go see this “IT Professional” making excellent art designs for fun. Read more below and follow the link!

“I know Christmas is over and the new year has started, but this was my main adventure for November and December. Many months ago, I got the idea that this year’s Christmas card would be 3D pr…”

Source: 3D Printed Tree

Using Persona.

I started using Mariner Sottware’s Persona to further develop the characters of my film and add a the new characters from the chapters I am planning. I have to admit that the software is very well planned and facilitates the creativity and development of the character process. 

I also bough StoryMill, Montage and Contour to strengthen the current story and start outlining the new ones. Looks like writing is getting back on the to-do list!