Here is the W-C and cloth sim of Jara.

Here is the version for Jara. Like I said in Vimeo directly,

“Here is the test of the walk cycle for Jara, the female character for the short story Traces. I like the hair simulation, it is particularly unique for a cg character. The pause on the walk is annoying and will work it out to get it smoothed. Like the steps but not the speed. Also the hands are too stiff for my liking. The cloth simulation is quite awesome. It can be better and with time it will be.”

3D Printed Tree

I found this post from Sarah Cath’s Adventures very inspiring for 3D printing artists. You most go see this “IT Professional” making excellent art designs for fun. Read more below and follow the link!

“I know Christmas is over and the new year has started, but this was my main adventure for November and December. Many months ago, I got the idea that this year’s Christmas card would be 3D pr…”

Source: 3D Printed Tree

Good bye until August 8…

So, from now until August 8 I will be engaged with finishing my MFA show and graduation, which means no time for a bath… I mean… no messing around.

After August 8 you will have a flood of visuals to look at in this portfolio of mine.

See you soon!

Illustrating Boris (WIP)

Here is the beginning of Boris’ illustration showing him seating on the hover chair with a foot on the floor to keep it from moving (he does not like it moving on its own). This is part of a character board I am getting ready for the MFA show coming August.

Stay tune, this will be in color down the road. One started, 6 other to start… 🙂

Work in progress illustration of Character Boris.
Boris, reading the reports of the day on his hover chair. (WIP)

Ok… lets get back to business.

I have spent the last month, literally, rewriting and restructuring my MFA thesis. It was not accepted when I submitted my first “final.” Thankfully, it was accepted now that I am saying the same things, but logically and clear. Painful process, but done!

Not much visually has been produced since, but now getting back to it. Because of the amount of time used up on the rewrite, now the scene that I was going to have fully animated and rendered will be optional, as in, I need to get the other manageable parts done for the Thesis Show and leave the scene for “if I have time.” I will have to finish the film after graduation.

That includes a full story animatic; visual development boards; fully modeled, rigged, rendered, 3d printed, and animated (tests) assets; fully modeled, rendered and if possible (size limitations) 3d printed environment parts (as in some sectional walls in miniature); lip-sync tests for the characters.

So, lets see how much visually I publish in the next two months before graduation.