MFA Thesis – Excerpt 11

How did the story start?

“The story of the film was first inspired by the author’s study of popular anthropology and social science of ancient civilizations. What started as a hobby turned into a passion. Those civilizations developed beyond what racists’ claimed to be possible. Many developed in some level of isolation, but were never completely isolated.”

MFA Thesis – Excerpt 10

Are we doing anything about it?

“Alternatives to the profit motive that creates this environment already exist in the form of access to open source software and hardware. The open source movement is a step toward destroying racism which is a non-biological social construct based on discrimination and oppression. This project rests on the socially constructed nature of racial definitions which are largely absent in the imagined utopian society of Alatia. A secondary theme in the film is a reflection upon how easy it is to live in self-delusion.”


MFA Thesis – Excerpt 09

Race, a society construct?

“This, in turn, creates a vicious cycle of dependance on charity from privileged groups. This conditioning becomes a self-fulfilling prophesy and an uphill battle for the disadvantaged to break the cycle.”

MFA Thesis – Excerpt 08

Race, a society construct?

“Racism, as understood in the paper, has to do with discrimination and oppression rather than the concept of race itself, and seems perpetuated by the push for profit and market dominance. For instance, due to the segregation based on the concept of race, marginalized groups are kept in environments with few resources where education, health and other social services are hindered by the lack of technology.”

MFA Thesis – Excerpt 07

“The availability of open source software is breaking the barriers of discrimination in the arts as well as in other industries. The power of open source academic software, in particular, became apparent when producing this paper. Both proprietary software like EndNote and open source software like Zotero are available for reference management and citations. The developers of EndNote claim that it works very well with Apple Pages, Word and even open source software like LibreOffice and OpenOffice, but EndNote costs $249.95 downloaded or $299.95 shipped. Zotero, on the other hand, works with all previously mentioned word processors, and is free.”

MFA Thesis – Excerpt 06

“Would humanity benefit if resources were combined to solve our common problems in an environment of mutual cooperation and support? This paper and the digital 3D animated short film Traces, respond yes. The availability of open source software and hardware demonstrates that current efforts in digital technology industries, like information technology, are providing individuals and marginalized groups access to tools of content creation by removing the price barrier.”

MFA Thesis – Excerpt 05

“The purpose of depicting such an imagined community is to engage viewers in questioning the socially constructed elements of their own realities, and empower them to re-imagine—and eventually construct—more equitable societies which capitalize on the diversity of the human family.”