Here is the W-C and cloth sim of Jara.

Here is the version for Jara. Like I said in Vimeo directly,

“Here is the test of the walk cycle for Jara, the female character for the short story Traces. I like the hair simulation, it is particularly unique for a cg character. The pause on the walk is annoying and will work it out to get it smoothed. Like the steps but not the speed. Also the hands are too stiff for my liking. The cloth simulation is quite awesome. It can be better and with time it will be.”

Testing the walk cycle and cloth simulation.

This is Isidro, from Traces. I am testing the cloth simulation and basic walk cycle for the character. I see a few thing to improve and don’t like the shoes at all, but the idea of the design is good.

The walk has some things I will keep like the legs’ outward move but the hands look like he is constipated and in pain! 🙂

Well, so far so good. Some more work to tweak it and have it correct.


Well, it has been a while…

I am updating my blog and thought that the first thing to do was restart my “Goodreads” connection. This one review is my last one from 2013… wow, time flies.


Stop Staring: Facial Modeling and Animation Done RightStop Staring: Facial Modeling and Animation Done Right by Jason Osipa

Excellent book on rigging. Applicable to all 3D software suites.

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Testing the power of the Blender nodes…

Here is first render test of the vest and pants of Isidro using nodes and UV’s. Very powerful combination for sure. It is at 100 samples only but looking good.

Oh, and the wall and floor (ground?) are also node, but not important, they are only temp for staging purpose to test the nodes.

I see light at the end of the tunnel!

Test render of Character Isidro.
Test render for Character Isidro using Blender’s NODE system on the pants, skin and vest. Floor and wall are temp and unimportant.

Second try.

Here is the output of second 3D printed copy of Kronaii. With more of an attitude. Naah, just kidding. He just saw his buddy down the hallway!

Now comes the part of clean up… fun fun… and painting, really fun part!

Today’s work… on vimeo.

Hi guys. I worked today on the animation of Isidro (a walk cycle) to test the clothing and such.

The animation is all symmetrical at the moment. The main target was the actual cloth simulation system. I am satisfied by the clothing performance. The part of the medallion, the ribbons, needs some more work. Later I will work and tweak the animation to take the symmetry off and make it more natural. Oh, no, no motion capture allowed. I am an animator, “we don’t need no stinky mo-cap here”…

Enjoy my labor as is;