Here is the W-C and cloth sim of Jara.

Here is the version for Jara. Like I said in Vimeo directly,

“Here is the test of the walk cycle for Jara, the female character for the short story Traces. I like the hair simulation, it is particularly unique for a cg character. The pause on the walk is annoying and will work it out to get it smoothed. Like the steps but not the speed. Also the hands are too stiff for my liking. The cloth simulation is quite awesome. It can be better and with time it will be.”

Testing the walk cycle and cloth simulation.

This is Isidro, from Traces. I am testing the cloth simulation and basic walk cycle for the character. I see a few thing to improve and don’t like the shoes at all, but the idea of the design is good.

The walk has some things I will keep like the legs’ outward move but the hands look like he is constipated and in pain! 🙂

Well, so far so good. Some more work to tweak it and have it correct.


More Cobra fun.

I spent today about 1.5 hours on this update. I have the wings and engines, some of the stabilizers and a few of the brackets, oh, and the windshield started. I put a blue material just for ease of identification and will be working on the small details when I get all the major bodies blocked in.

What do you think?


Using Persona.

I started using Mariner Sottware’s Persona to further develop the characters of my film and add a the new characters from the chapters I am planning. I have to admit that the software is very well planned and facilitates the creativity and development of the character process. 

I also bough StoryMill, Montage and Contour to strengthen the current story and start outlining the new ones. Looks like writing is getting back on the to-do list!

I am making a change.

I decided to dedicate this site to the entire process of my recent studies for the Master of Fine Arts in Visual Studies at PNCA and the continuing production of the film Traces. So I removed all the illustrations that are not related and will be cleaning a bit the blog to remove any subject or content that is not related.

Now I will have an illustration portfolio with a dedicated address, and the same with a graphic design, digital arts and sculpture portfolios. I will continue to have my central site of and from there you can find all the multiple portfolios when they are all ready.

If you are following this blog for any of those other portfolios, then you will want to head to them, but if you were following the production of Traces, stick around, now I will get busy with it!

Getting back to work.

Well, after my first semester as a college adjunct professor and starting my second one I think it is time to get back to work on my film. I am also taking graphic design and illustration clients and some of that work will show itself around here as I go, but the main effort will be my film.

So, I got the pleasure of teaching Blender alongside Maya for my first semester. I also had a graphic design concepts for multimedia authoring class, that was a lot of fun. I learnt a lot as I taught the class and the students seemed to have a great time.

Unfortunately, on the modeling and rigging class, I made the mistake of overestimating how ready they were and gave too much “freedom” while making the projects. I hated when I was given “cookie-cutter” art projects as a student where all my classmates ended with the same looking project, so I tried to give them choices. Well, that went bad. Next time I will have them all do the same project, and I will drop Maya. Maya is too clumsy. I work way faster in Blender and with better results. It is also an “all-in-one” suite so there is less dependency on outside packages. The clean-up is a breeze and keeping track of scene assets is second nature.

In short, time to get busy with my modeling, sculpting and animating. I left the MFA with a working animatic and recorded voices and dialogue. Now the next step is to record the audio effects and ambient that I will use to master the tracks. Then back to the animating to the “beat” of the sound.

I hope I can have it finish, the 13 (five or take) minutes version, by next winter. So, hopefully in 2018 I start approaching the festival arena and expose my film. But, life will dictate my development. Here is to a busy 2017!

Well, it has been a while…

I am updating my blog and thought that the first thing to do was restart my “Goodreads” connection. This one review is my last one from 2013… wow, time flies.


Stop Staring: Facial Modeling and Animation Done RightStop Staring: Facial Modeling and Animation Done Right by Jason Osipa

Excellent book on rigging. Applicable to all 3D software suites.

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