Today’s (day time, that is) update…

No sleep for the wicked artists… bwahahahahaha….

So, here is the update for today (so far, still working as you read this, probably) on Boris. First, confession time! I had to put Krita aside for now. Mac and Krita are not playing nice (maybe is Krita and Cintiq on Mac, or the multi monitor set up??) and I don’t have time to learn Linux before graduation. So, Sketchbook, ArtRage and Pixelmator will be the culprits until August for now. No worries, all the other open source software is in place and kicking proprietary ass (hint, hint Adobe and Autodesk)!

Ok, confession time over.

This process of making the black and white illustration first to color later is awesome. I don’t have to think of color, just value and contrast. And it is working super awesome. That is the one thing digital art has over traditional art (trust me, I still love my easel, brushes, drafting table and such… they will never go away!). But for crunch time, I can start with just values and contrast to get the illustration going. Digital 1, traditonal… oh hell, you are too young digital! … keep trying. You’ll catch up soon.

Now, one thing I am trying, and is keeping me away from speeding up, is to keep my traditional brush mark in digital. One thing that drives me nuts (more?) in digital is that most “famous” artists paint similarly. They are mostly famous because of the subject matter (heroes-comic book style, porn or semi-porn or zombies, can’t forget the zombies), not their style. And because they can copy each other. We, old school illustrators, do not like to look alike! 🙂

Any way, here is what I got so far…

Illustration of character Boris for film Traces
Character Boris, checking out the daily reports of the city.

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