Testing the sculpting module of Blender.

Here is the beginning of the sculpting for Boris. He is 105 years old in a society that have expanded life expectancy to over 150 years. Boris heads the council of elders, but is not the oldest. In fact, is one of the youngest ever to start membership at the tender age of 87 and quickly climb the ladder to the “chair”.

Blender has, once again, impressed me. Not only has its dynotopo system show that it works better than ZBrush, but it can handle all the sculpting I have thrown to it. Not once did it crashed, when ZBrush tends to crash in a few with its dyno-thingy. Nor does my  computer get as hot as it does with ZBrush. Best part, I can work in a high-poly sculpt, finish it and then bake it to a low poly mesh, all in the same file! I am not there yet, as I want to experiment with skin types and more “individualistic” features for Boris and the other characters.

One thing that I found out today, was that I can run multiple instances of Blender on my Mac and have all four main characters open, in their respective files, so when I “discover” that I like something new (found out how to make something or a better way of something else) I can head back to the other characters and fix it, keeping the pipeline active and making sure the characters are equal in quality (which they are not at this time as I just found this little nifty trick!).

Any way, here is the test render (low quality, just for the sculpt, no skin or colors of importance).

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