Taking the plunge!

I am downloading Ubuntu 15.10 to install, for now, as a virtual machine. Once I am convinced I like it, and can perform (I know I can, but need to convince my alter ego!) all that I need for my career… plus have full access to the hardware, then, maybe… I can not say it… drop the Mac!

Oh, no… I said it.

I am planning on installing Fedora (yes, there is a Linux OS with the name of a hat!) on a PowerMac 2000 that has been collecting dust on the corner. I also plan to do same or another “newer” Linux OS on a lonely iBook and maybe even a MacBook 2008 that is also in the corner been ignored. So, lest see where all this open source software takes me, and by extension, my family! Poor people, don’t want to be on their shoes!

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