So far… so good!

The cloth simulation on the hat’s neck cover is working great. #Blender has an impressive array of tools to make it work like a charm. Next up is the vest, since I do not like that it is “eating” away at the shirt, I will make the vest a simulation too and leave the shirt as “skin” to cause collision with the vest. Of course, that might not work with the hat’s neck cover, as it will probably go through the vest and collide with the shirt. Oh well, will work on that issue when I get to it.

The part that is confusing me is the family crest emblem, since it has two straps coming down from the belt and attaches to the emblem at the bottom. I can parent the straps to the belt and have them be cloth simulation too, but I cannot parent the medallion to the straps. I can only parent to one object at a time. So, that is a head scratching one… Do I use bones instead?

Once all this rigging is done, it will be time to chop up Isidro’s skin mesh to get rid of non-visual parts that would otherwise interfere with the clothing.

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