Getting back to business…

After the surgery, it has become tedious to get back in the roll of the production. My mind can’t be concentrated for long periods but is doing way better than the few minutes I could concentrated in the first 2 weeks after the surgery.

It is week 3.75 (can I be more precise?) and it is time to catch up with myself. I can finally concentrate hours instead of minutes and sitting at my drawing table or standing at the Cintiq is not as bad, but my brain is in chaos trying to figure out where to pick up the work.

I decided that I would start by sketching as many scene TV boards as I could in a sitting, kind of a way to restart the memory of the story and the visuals I am imagining. So far, 5 scenes are “thumbnailed” and I am taking a break for lunch now, so decided to post a bit of update. Here is the look of my desk currently;

Thumbnails of TV Storyboard for MFA film project.
Thumbnail phase of TV board for MFA film project.

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