So today I opened an account…

… at ArtStation. I am very impressed with the beta platform. I can only imagine that later on will be a fee system of some sort. But will enjoy while I can.

It is a combination of Behance and forums like CGSociety, but more geared toward simplicity. Hopefully will continue the current path.

On the studio front, well, needed to do some Spring cleaning in the Fall. I had multiple files and folders and duplicates flowing on my computer so today was pull and push files around the system.

Got some old (more than a year) art out of the way and concentrating on current (less than a year) work to start showcasing on both ArtStation and Behance. Once I set a good pattern, then it will be time for Patreon. I also notice that LinkedIn killed the “update” feature, that or I have no clue what they did with it, could not find it. I did find, on the other hand, a “blogging” feature they are calling “simply” posts. So, who knows what I use it for after a while. Maybe they are catering to the visual artists.

See you around with more work soon… tomorrow, painting and drawing time… stay tuned.

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