Working on the #illustration for the #characterDesign of Jara.

Here is Jara entering the hideout. I like the idea of the arm-decorating cloth pieces attached to the arm bracelets (not sure of the name of such thing, if there is any). I am using Mayan, Aztec and Indian (from India, not Natives of America), cultures to explore what current dresses could look like.



I was planning on making the front panel of the vest metallic, but then she would not be able to move, so I am thinking on leather. The boots are going to be a combination of sandals and boots, which I have not figure out yet. Maybe as I paint I will get it, otherwise it will be down to the modeling phase. The sculpt sketch I made has made drawing her so much faster it is impressive to me. I will stick to this workflow from now on. And the #Cintiq from @wacom is insane. Love the fast drawing and painting, not to mention the sculpting phase easy workflow. All this stuff is product of 1 hr. yesterday and all this morning!

A side note for those aspiring artists out there. Concept art is to study looks, personality, etc… Once it is decided and fully finished, the art is marketing illustration, not concept art. I witness many students frustrated because their concept art was not “good enough” to compete with what they saw on the media and internet. I spent so much time telling them the difference and that all those concept artist that are in interviews are showing the end product, not the beginning part. It was for promotion, not concept art showcase. For concept art I told them to get the books about, well, sketch books of the artists in question, the stuff that never makes it to magazines unless the artist is interviewed by the magazine, and still, only the best of the concept is shown, not the doodles or other. It is really easy for young artists to feel the pressure of the bombardment of finished work, that is already on the market and tell themselves “I can not do that”. They don’t realize the time spent into any single character.

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