Script done!

Alright! My script is done. Edits made and polishing finished. Thanks to the guidance and hard work of my mentor Caitlin Kunkel, keeping me on track and on target for my voice to come out on my writing. I want to consider myself a script writer now, but I have only one script done, finished, that is… I have another 10 started. Still, I am sure I will be able to repeat what I have learned from Caitlin to make those other scripts in the future. And, really, that is what all this is about, how to repeat what I learned… 

Time to start visual development, StoryBoards and Animatics…

I am going to try and do all on Blender, ArtRage and other non-industry standards as a test of independence… But, at the end, if time is an enemy of mine, then industry standards, (read here Adobe and Autodesk) might be. I own ZBrush and like it, but don’t love it, it is too bloated with unnecessary tools that end up in my way slowing my working-fast mode. Blender is ridiculously powerful in the sculpting part and just the right amount of tools… so ZBrush might be replaced easily. We will see… I am definitely leaving Maya out of the equation on purpose, and will do all possible to stay away from it. As much as I like Maya and Adobe, those are not feasible or independent filmmakers. For freelancers, sure they are good, specially the monthly deals.

Soon will have the power of a cintiq and things will go super fast… illustrations in 30 and 60 minutes coming up… (in traditional media they take me a day, give or take hours!)

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