Great lecture…

I went to a lecture today about Contemporary Craft at OCAC. Did not know I was going to get so much “cannon fodder” for my short story in terms of societal views of differences between craft, art and design. Very informative discourse took place, with some varied levels of passion and indifference from the audience. 

Some of the quotes that picked my interest the most, in no particular order of importance, other than chronological;

1. Disconnection with materials – from artist perspective.

2. Originality through incompetence.

3. Consciously unconscious of incompetence.

4. Information is not communication

5. We make stuff for market, not people. – no community.

6. Science is amoral, it does not have moral values, positive or otherwise.

Definitely great stuff for discourse and a good feed for my short story in long terms. Many of this ideas are in the story, just hidden, some are in plain sight. But for sure, I need to accentuate a few in particular… Awesomeness… 

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